Charming Danube by Anastasia Moskvina

This weekend on the 30th of June to the 1st of July was definitely different for us, EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteers at Dunare.EDU in Oltenita, Romania as we had a great chance to travel from Giurgiu to Oltenita by kayaks and boats along the Danube River. The two-day trip was brilliantly organized by Asociația TID România and the whole team was friendly and helpful. We felt safe and comfortable in a relaxed and positive atmosphere. We were provided with all the equipment, great food- I enjoyed ciorba de peste and barbecue! Thank you, guys!
NastiaThat was an unforgettable life experience every person should go through and not just once in a lifetime, because once you start kayaking or canoeing you will be eager for new trips and more adventures. Naturally, it becomes your lifestyle, part of you. That is enjoyable but at the same time is physically not that easy. Ask my muscles which are a bit sore today. On the other hand, going for hours was not exhausting as we made stops on the shore and enjoyed beaches, and we were swimming a lot. The only problem which surely occurs when you are in the forest is a huge amount of crazy mosquitoes who like people of all nationalities and from all the countries; they probably really liked the smell of my anti-insects spray.
Nastia and ManuAs soon as you are in a kayak, you feel the power of the water and you totally indulge yourself into nature as you realize how almighty it is and how small you are. Being right in the middle of the river and feeling a slight breeze is a real happiness. All of a sudden, you are so far away from hustle and bustle of everyday life. At the same time, when you go out of your comfort zone (your apartment, your usual surroundings, etc) you grow, you develop, you learn and you also go back to your roots-to nature.
By all means, I will do kayaking again and I am inviting you to experience that too! I am looking forward to new breathtaking adventures!

Photo gallery of the tour by

With kind regards,
Anastasia Moskvina,
Russian Federation, Karelia,
an EVS Volunteer in Romania

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