On the Danube, sometimes – by Manuel Sobrino

Sometimes I like to remember how I saw the world when I was a little boy. My mother grasped my hand in order to no car of the bustling city of Madrid, where I was born, knocks me down. Everything seemed immense, unattainable, unfathomable, everything was an adventure for me.
Manuel and NastyaI remember that feeling when I bring to my mind now the weekend I spent sailing kayak on the Danube. The immensity of this River made me feel very small, insignificant. Sometimes, while I was paddling with my partner in this journey, Nastia, I looked at the sides and saw the shores so far, a little fear traveled throughout my body. If something failed, what would you do?
Panoramic Danube

However, I didn’t have to worry about anything more than by mosquitoes, insects eager of fresh blood (I know that is not true what it said about Dracula and Romania, but there is something of true about these “tiny vampires” camouflaged of mosquitoes!).

The trip, which we started in Giurgiu and just in Oltenita, the city where I live now, it did with a group of Romanians, great people who made the journey even more memorable. In those moments, when you are in the middle of nature, you feel closer to the people with whom you are. They are all you need in this succession of moments, in those two days, they are everything you have in that part of the River, in that part of the shore where you stop to rest. You share efforts, laughter, food, drink; you share your thoughts, your needs, your jokes, your tools. The river offers those feelings, and not just when you’re sailing but when you look at the darkness of the night.

Preparing the soup... ;o)Sometimes I remembered of my family and my friends, how much they would enjoy being there, by my side, living this experience. However, because of they could not share this trip with me; I tried to enjoy as much I could, feeling every time a privileged.

Paddling buddiesThe Danube is a mythical river, even more for someone like me, who is from the other end of Europe, where the mere fact of naming it produces in the listener an admiration. It has a halo of legend on which I have had the good luck to participate. Therefore I want to thank in particular to Costin and Teo, without whom anything of this would be possible. Guys, thanks for letting me join you in this adventure, for your help and for your jokes, which always make me smile!

I’m not a child, I don’t need my mother to hold her hand to cross the street. However, I like to discover new places that impressed me, which make me feel small again, vulnerable, but at the same time, more alive than ever. Danube, I think I will see you quite soon…

Source and copyright: http://evsoltenita2012.wordpress.com

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