On a 5000 km kayaking expedition, from Giurgiu to Venice…

Dear friends,

Not every day we meet great, inspiring people, willing to turn their dreams into reality.

Lucian Ionescu is one of these people, a man with great stories to tell. An enthusiastic kayaker, he is one of the first Romanians that participated to Tour International Danubien in 2008, completing the Romanian stage, from Calarasi to Sf. Gheorghe. He is 50 years old, married and he has a 12 years old daughter.

On the 7th of May 2013 Lucian left on a 5000 km solitary kayaking expedition from Giurgiu in Romania (km. 490 on the Danube river) planning to reach the beautiful city of Venice in Italy at the beginning of December. Just him and his own handcrafted kayak, trying to achieve something never tried before.

After 25 days in Romania, 15 days in Bulgaria, 22 days in Turkey, 68 days in Greece and 11 days in Albania, after more than 3000 km of paddling on the river Danube, Black Sea, Sea of Marmara, Aegean, Ionian and Adriatic Sea, Lucian is still in Albania. 

Lucian Ionescu in GreeceLucian has started this expedition on his own, without any major sponsor, just with some help from friends and family. He is not a rich man, by far. He has now around 1200 km more to go to fulfil his dream and reach Venice in Italy, where he expects to arrive sometime in December this year. After finishing his expedition Lucian intends to write a book about his journey and he has a lot to tell.

Unfortunately his financial resources, limited from the start, have come close to an end during the last couple of days. He is now in the situation where he needs our help.

This message is addressed to all my friends and to all the kayakers around the world, who ever dared to dream to an expedition like this for once in their lives.

We NEED and MUST support Lucian to finish this extraordinary expedition, an amazing journey and a beautiful example of human courage and determination.

Please make a donation on PayPal to his address: lcnionescu@gmail.com

5, 10, 20 euros or how ever much you feel you can help with. Any amount will be highly appreciated and will help Lucian complete his journey. Maybe it’s not much for us but if we are many, the right amount of money will be raised. He needs around 1500 euros to be able to finish.
It is not difficult. With a few clicks, in less than one minute, you’re done. 

After 140 days of paddling, leaving behind 3000 kilometers, Lucian is getting close to achieve something really extraordinary. You can be a part of this journey, as your help can make his dream come true.

You can find hundreds of pictures and stories from his amazing journey at https://www.facebook.com/FromGiurgiutoVenice/

Thank you for your time,

Costin Iatan
TID România

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