Heading to Bora

In the following month Lucian will be heading to one of the hardest and most dangerous part of his journey: Croatia. Here, because of the landscape and geography, he will most likely meet very strong winds, according to Wikipedia up to 220 kilometers per hour. Please see Bora on Wikipedia.

After posting this information, Lucian has been advised publicly by a few of his Facebook followers that maybe it’s time for him to finish his expedition earlier than planned. This is Lucian’s reply:

“… If everybody would have stopped when it was getting hard or dangerous, we would have been one thousand years back now. If Magellan would have took a break and contemplated on how hazardous and crazy was his journey, maybe we would have learned in school now that the Earth is flat.

When we were kids, our heroes were ready to give up their lives for an idea. Where is that spirit now? And when did it go away? We replaced everything with invincible Supermen that fight for us while we sit comfortable on our couches and we only enjoy? The great events in our lives has become a fishing week-end or making a barbecue next to the road? This is not what we dreamed of and it’s not the life that we wanted to live.
On our childhood we were passionate about our great discoverers, about their difficult quests, and about their strong will and character to achieve something. Think about the North Pole. And now what do we do? If someone tries to bring back to life this spirit, we call him fool or selfish?

I will not stop and I will not use the ferry to cross to Italy. I told this to everybody. I am tired and my shoulders hurts, I’m 50 year old, otherwise I would have crossed to Italy by now, but paddling in my kayak. Even from the beginning I was aware of the risks I have to take, but I always thought when there’s a will, there’s a way. This doesn’t mean it will be easy. Perhaps, sacrifices will need to be made. … Have you ever thought what it means after four months of loneliness to be invited in someone’s home for a couple of days for recovering? Pure gold! It happened to me a few times. But I had to refuse because I had no peace.
Probably if I stop now, many people will say I am doing the right thing, but deep inside they will be disappointed. … I taught my daughter, Catrina that fear only exists to be defied. No, I am not afraid to go further but I have run out of funds needed to properly feed myself. For what’s next, I need strength to calculate accurately every step I take, to plan very well the next day and fight with the winds. Without the necessary calories my chances are visibly reduced. Or even close to zero without funding.

When I get back home I will write a book. All these hard times I had, hopefully will stimulate the imagination of the children, and they will know that even if we live in a superficial world, the adventure still exists, that the spirit of great adventurers are still inside them and a strong character will always get the job done.
When there’s a will, there’s always a way!”

Lucian Ionescu

You can help Lucian by donating on his PayPal account to lcnionescu@gmail.com
5, 10, 20 euros or how ever much you feel you can help with. Any amount will be highly appreciated and will help Lucian complete his journey. He deserves this!

Previous article here: http://wp.me/pU5X9-rx

Entire story on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/FromGiurgiutoVenice

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TID România

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